We Are Transparent

Our business is to encrypt and secure your communications. We take this very seriously. The physical security of our servers, networks, and equipment is equally as important as data security. That is why we own, control, and when necessary, custom-build our own equipment as well as employ the strictest security measures at our facilities. The protection of your data and communications is what we do best.

This business process does require the collection of some very basic personal data such as email addresses and payment information. Payment information is shared with the payment processor for the sole purpose of completing the transaction and getting you in the Clan. We do not hold your credit card information - the credit card processor does. We want to hold the least amount of data possible. Any necessary personal data such as username, password and email is encrypted and stored in a secured server.

NinjaPhones does not log any information associated with voice and video calls. We do not log any authenticated web requests. We do not log messages sent over Silent Text. We delete logs that other services generate every day. We turn the logging level on our systems to log only protocol-related errors. Our goal is to have nothing to turn over or disclose to any third party.

Transparency is important. Every 6 months we will post

How many requests from worldwide law enforcement we receive. How many customers this involved. What agency or organization made the request. Your privacy is dependent on the proper handling of your personal information. We will never sell this data or give access to unauthorized third parties. If you request it, we will delete your information completely from our records. We will update the accuracy and currency of this privacy statement as needed. We want it to reflect our goals and aspirations to help you. We also want it to describe accurately what we can and cannot do. We are a secure encrypted communications service, answering to our customers - the citizens of the world. We support your right to secure private communications; however, some people will use our tools and service to do bad. We don't want that - it's bad for everyone and makes our job harder. We reserve the right to cancel your service for doing bad things.

NinjaPhones subscribers are our teammates and we treat them as such. You trust us with your most protected data and deserve exceptionally high quality service in return. Your trust is a privilege that we will work to earn every day with a relentless focus on security, simplicity, and service. Welcome to the Clan.